Peter Shafer

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Peter helps clients successfully invest in all types of digital marketing campaigns to effectively communicate their messages and build long-term audience engagement with our clients' brands.

In today's competitive digital environment, Peter knows that context, content, and collaboration are keys to success. He loves to help clients build digital strategies that work and exceed their expectations.

Recent articles written by Peter Shafer:

PR 360 Podcast

Asking the Right Questions on Your Polls with Everest Communications’ Peter Shafer Peter Shafer answers questions on PR, polling, and Twitter on the 100th episode of the PR 360 Podcast. Listen on Apple Podcasts In This Episode…We talk with Peter Shafer about the polling industry. We talk about asking the right questions, the fallout from the […]

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Data Leadership Lessons Podcast

Digital Communications with Peter Shafer Catch Everest Communications’ Peter Shafer on Data Leadership Lessons with Anthony J. Algmin. Listen on Apple Podcasts

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Holidays Bring Increasing Challenges for Corporate Communications

The Woke Holiday Season “G.K. Chesterton, the British author known as The Laughing Prophet, pointed out over 100 years ago that people who are secure in their beliefs need not fear mockery. It’s those with shaky doctrines who cannot tolerate laughter,” observes Kyle Mann in the Wall Street Journal recently. This quote reminded me that […]

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Messaging on Issues Getting Even More Localized

The public polling industry has suffered several major setbacks over the past five or so election cycles because of perceived inaccuracies in aligning with actual election outcomes. While public opinion polling was created back in the 1930s, it was never intended to be a “predictive” tool for elections. But as polling evolved and polling methodologies […]

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Interpreting Reputation Management Analytics

The 4 C’s of Reputation Management One of the most used quotes over the past 40 years is, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Hundreds of consulting firms have formed to address this quote – and to help leaders develop metrics and measures that can then lead to systems and processes to manage towards […]

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Opposites Attract: Law Firms and PR Firms Uncover Value in Collaborating

A court of law can be much different than the court of public opinion. Executives at all levels of management understand the need to be prepared to do battle in both. And that is where law firms and public relations firms, especially digital marketing firms, can play an essential role in leading executives through challenging […]

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Crisis Management Is Evolving, Are Your Plans Keeping Pace?

These days, a crisis for your organization usually comes in many shapes and sizes. And being surprised and/or unprepared for a crisis (and a response) can escalate a crisis situation even faster. With major shifts in both behavior and mindset among various publics over the past five years, your response (or lack of response) to […]

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